1studentEngage a Home Tutor

Wisdom Edu is committed to provide you with the best home tutor. We believe that no child should fall behind in their academics. With the help from our tutors, students will be able to change from expectations to results. Through tireless hours of practicing and hard work, our teachers will be able to guarantee better results.

Our tutors will help your children improve on their study. They are equip with active listening skills, your children are free to share their different ideas and opinions that can work to their advantage. We seek to motivate children which help them excel in their studies. Our tutors are high skilled, well-trained and have excelled in their specific subjects and career areas.

Why Choose Wisdom Edu?


Wisdom Edu understand that there are three major types of learners: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Each person has a learning style that is best for his intake and comprehension of new information. Our tutors effectively use the learning styles helping children to learn in their own style.

Advantages of Home Tuition

  • Offer the best platform for students to clarify their doubts
  • Inculcate confidence in learning
  • Enable students to perform well in examinations
  • Minimum distraction